Dying, it turns out, is costly business. While you may not be around to pick up the tab, your family will.

If we were to tell you the average cost of dying stands at £9,204 would you be surprised? Do you have provisions in place to cover this, or would the bill be left to your loved ones to fund?

For less than a cup of coffee a week, you can protect your loved ones with a funeral plan.

Why Is It So Expensive?

According to Sunlife, the average funeral cost has risen 122% in the last 14 years! This figure rose 6.9% between 2017 and 2018, and it’s estimated that the projected cost of dying in 2023 will reach around £10,441. Such shocking costs are outside of most family budgets.

The cost of living is ever increasing, so it’s no surprise that services rise in line with this, but some of the primary reasons for rising costs according to funeral directors are:

✓ Cuts to local authority budgets
✓ Rising fuel costs
✓ Lack of space for new graves for those opting for a burial
✓ Increased investment in cemetery infrastructures

By opting for a funeral plan now, you can avoid such spiralling costs.

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How Can I Protect Myself & Loved Ones From These Rising Costs?

Nobody wants to burden their loved ones with debt, with the cost of funerals set to keep rising, the simple and affordable solution is a funeral plan.

From as little as £1 per day, with no medicals and guaranteed acceptance, you can ensure the costs of your funeral and legal expenses are covered in the event of your death, providing you and your family with that all-important peace of mind.

A funeral plan is the perfect solution, it protects you from rising costs, while setting aside the money to pay for everything and allows you the send-off of your choosing, taking the stress and decisions out of the process for your family. Protection like this really is priceless!

Why Should I Use True Funeral Plan?

✓ Protect yourself & loved ones from the rising cost of funerals
✓ Guaranteed acceptance
✓ NO medical required
✓ Costs less than the price of a cup of coffee a day
✓ Allows you to choose the send-off you would like

Here's How To Get Started

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